However, although gold prices may rise further next year under the combined effect Miles Franklin precious metalsof multiple factors, they may not be without surprises. Hang Seng Bank believes that despite the Fed's quantitative easing monetary policy, the inflation rate in the United States is still at a relatively low level. The Fed’s core personal consumption expenditure inflation, which is used as an inflation indicator, was 1.7% in October, which is lower than the 2% that the Fed considers to be ideal. If this trend continues, investor demand for gold as a hedge against inflation may also weaken.

KitcoMetals analyst JonNadler said that the latest round of rising gold prices has been driven by buyers in the financial world, not by physical demand for gold. He added that bullish sentiment in the gold futures market is approaching the level of the last time there was a sharp correction in prices.

CountryHedging commodity trading consultant SterlingSmith believes that Comex's main gold futures have continued to rebound from the two-week low of $1,604.70 touched last Thursday, and technical graphics show that a short-term bottom of $1,600-1,604 is forming.

The secondary cosmic velocity theory of the return of gold value has been proposed as early as three years ago, and it has been clearly pointed out that when the price of gold continues to rise above US$1,000 per ounce, it is the beginning of the return of gold currency attributes. What I want to further point out is that the currency attribute of 1,500 USD may return to the accelerated period, and 5,000 USD is a sign of the return of the gold standard.

The author speculates that before QE3 is officially launched, the United States will definitely move towards the euro. The euro is currently threatening the status of the dollar and its closest rival. If the United States wants to push its QE3 with confidence, it must resolve its worries. The United States has long planted financial time bombs on these countries. There are thresholds for EU membership: the budget deficit cannot exceed 3% of GDP and the debt ratio is less than 60% of GDP. However, Greece, Italy and other countries did not meet the requirements at the time. In order to meet the requirements, they approached the US Goldman Sachs to help them make false accounts. When Greece was about to repay its debt, Fitch downgraded Greece's rating, and then Greece's debt problems broke out. Immediately afterwards, a group of countries, including Italy, where Goldman Sachs helped to make false accounts, all had similar problems.

Gold has also rebounded all the way due to factors such as inflation. However, due to lack of market confidence, the price of gold is afraid of rising. It fell down as soon as it reached 1550. According to the current situation, it is very difficult to break through this barrier in the near future. Zhu Lei, an analyst at Qingdao Jinliyuan Investment Consulting Company, said that there is little chance that gold wilMiles Franklin precious metalsl set new highs recently.

5. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced on Friday that it has completed the third round of review of the Irish aid program, saying that the Irish economy is stabilizing and financial market conditions are improving. Ireland’s fiscal consolidation plan will enable it to achieve its 2011 budget target. The IMF agreed to issue a new aid loan to the country.